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Maximize your DTN TABS®
with specialized user training    
It’s important to get the most from your technology investments. That’s why we are offering a two-day, hands-on user training course designed to help you maximize the benefits of your DTN TABS lifting control solution. With it, users of all levels can learn new skills that make a difference in day to day operations and their bottom line.
February 26-27, 2020
Houston, TX
Day 1 - Basic Training
  • How to customize your DTN TABS
  • User set-up and role management
  • Database set-up from the user interface
  • Credit and product allocations
  • Load assistance & TABS Load Assist Mobile
  • Alerts
  • Reports
  • Troubleshooting tips
Day 2 - Advanced Training
  • Rack marketing
  • Forecasting
  • Supply events
  • ADM Load
  • Master data
  • Allocation viewers
  • Best practices
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11400 Rupp Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55337
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